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This calculator estimates annuity payments for the Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) Investment Program. You can input your personal information into the calculator and see how different annuity purchase amounts and annuity beneficiary options impact your estimated annuity benefit.

The WSIB Total Allocation Portfolio (TAP) Annuity provides a guaranteed lifetime monthly benefit that includes an automatic 3 percent annual TAP Annuity Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). It also guarantees the purchaser's estate will receive the balance of the original annuity purchase price, minus the payments made to the purchaser (and beneficiary if chosen), should the payments made amount to less than the purchase price of the annuity. More information about the WSIB TAP Annuity can be found in the DRS Annuity Page.

The results obtained from this calculator are dependent upon the purchase amount of the annuity, the age which you begin receiving the annuity and whether or not you choose an annuity beneficiary option. You may find it useful to run several different scenarios through the calculator with different input values. You can keep track of the different scenarios by naming them when you save the information.

DRS makes no guarantee that the estimate you create with this online tool will be the same as the benefit you receive at retirement. Your actual benefit may be higher or lower. DRS will not be held responsible for any use you make of the information or decisions you make based upon the results provided.

Before you can use this calculator, you must click the link to review the following disclaimer:

  1. I understand that the use of this calculator is for planning purposes only. This is an estimate and calculations may vary at the time of retirement.
  2. I agree that the results obtained herein are a product of my own input and do not constitute guarantees of any kind from the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems or any other person or entity.

Before you can use this program, you must review disclaimer and select the check box.

Load a previously saved TAP Annuity scenario.

Enter the name of the person who will receive a lifetime benefit as your survivor if you select a Joint Life Annuity instead of a Single Life Annuity.

Explanation of Retirement Systems

Enter the date you'd like to begin receiving your annuity payments.

Enter the amount from your Plan 3 defined contribution account that you'd like to turn into an annuity. The amount entered can be all or part of your account balance, but it must be at least $25,000.

You may choose to receive your TAP Annuity under one of the following four options:

  • Option 1 - Single Life: Your annuity will be paid to you for as long as you live. No ongoing monthly benefit is available for anyone after your death. This provides the largest monthly amount to you.
  • Option 2 - Joint Life 100% Survivorship: Your annuity is reduced for your lifetime. At your death, your survivor will continue to receive the same amount for the remainder of his or her life.
  • Option 3 - Joint Life 50% Survivorship: Your annuity is reduced less than under Option 2, but your survivor receives only 50 percent of your monthly annuity payment when you die.
  • Option 4 - Joint Life 66 2/3 Survivorship: Your annuity is reduced; and your survivor receives 66-2/3 percent of the amount at your death.
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